Social Health Research Center (SHRC)

Social Health Research Center (SHRC)


SHRC undertakes behavioral and social research on a wide range of health-related issues with an emphasis on both the history of the disease and new methods. Our multidisciplinary research is of the highest scholarly standards and aims to increase understanding of the individual, social and structural factors that influence health-related behaviors, experiences, and outcomes. We aim to expand and improve conceptual frameworks, apply new medical methodologies with the social approach, encourage debate about issues raised by research developments and introduce new questions and themes in this case.

Members of Research Center

Haideh Mehrai - Field: Anthropology - Medical Genetics

Zahra Bakhtiari - Field: Theology

Hadi Shirzad - Field: Medical Genetics

Behzad Damari: Social Medicinepublic Health

Mohammad Bagher Rokni: Parasitology and Medical Mycology

Zainab Mesgartehrani - Field: Sociology

Majid Mesgartehrani - Field: Medical Genetics

Marjan Zarif Yeganeh - Field: Medical Genetics

Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Dariush D. Farhud
Professor of Medical and Clinical Genetic

Prof. Dr. Dariush D. Farhud