National Biotech School (NBS)


Since 2019, National Biotech School annually has been held Offline (Virtual) in two preliminary and advanced stages - Theoretically and practically. The preliminary stage set up the initial expectancies about Protein engineering and vaccination, Genetic resources and biobanks, Industrial biotech and commercialization, Bioinformatics, Environmental Biotech and Economics of biotech. The advanced stage will enable participators to further develop their knowledge about Protein and Vaccine Engineering, Genetic Resources and Biobanks and Industrial Biotechnology and Commercialization. Pasture Institute of Iran is the scientific secretariat of this event.


These programs permit researchers to receive intense and specialized research training that will prepare them for entering the field of technology and the production of technological products.

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National Biotech School Levels: Primary / Advanced
Genetic Reserves
Industrial Biotech
Bio computing
The Environment