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    Launch of Turkish unit
    Developing International cooperation and utilizing the Potential of Turkish scholars and professors.
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    Research Grant Funding
    Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences find many surprises and good mood.

The policy Joint Meeting of The Research Groups

According to the institute's public relations, the policy joint meeting was held by the presence of ...

Joint Medicine Meeting Between BRC Center and MPRC Center

Pharmaceutical factory (BB) establishment process evaluation session was held by the presence of Dar...

The policy meeting of the International student Congress on Biomedicine was held

The meeting was held at Iran's Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice-Presidency to dete...

The memorandum of cooperattion was extended

The memorandum of cooperation between Nasim Research Institute and Kateb University in the field of ...

Medical Sciences

We pursue this mission in order to advance the quality of human life by enhancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injury by using modern medical technologies, as well as promoting individual health and community well-being.

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Biological Sciences

Biological problems not only require multiple approaches for their solution but also need researchers of varied expertise to collaborate. Collaboration at every level—within Nasim, within the country and internationally—is strongly encouraged. Our research groups are small and with specific strengths that make interactions with complementary groups fruitful.

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Social Sciences

we aim to focus on integrates a variety of humanities and social sciences perspectives on health, disease, and uses approaches from the history of health and medicine, medical anthropology, health ethics, sociology, and health policy analysis through methodological development and innovation.

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This world needs scientific Thinking and Interaction


Performing joint research project

The belief in the transformative power of collaborative research.

Online Studio - New Tech Studio

Holding joint training courses

A way of sharing and interpreting ideas and educational experiences [E-learning].


Holding joint science events

The opportunity for international sharing of scientific data.

Virtual workshops

Side workshops of Scientific Conferences

ALL Workshops

Can asking questions change the world?!

Is everyone truly equal under the law? Can wastewater become drinking water? Is there a better way to detect cancer? Does social media make us less civil?
Every day, our scholars tackle global challenges, make important discoveries and create new knowledge. It all starts with a big question — one that challenges status quo, defies conventional wisdom, confronts the obvious.
Because without asking questions, we can’t move our world forward.

Why Choose Us

A Choice That Makes the Difference

We give importance and priority to deriving and using reliable information in our decisions and actions rather than relying only on intuition, feelings, and experiences. To this end, we continually do research, analyze, and share and use the knowledge effectively.

A Supportive International Community

With partners from countries around the world, the Institute enjoys a wonderful and culturally diverse atmosphere. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be part of our international community, and everyone will make you feel welcome.

We Always Seek the Better

We know that the creative potential of individuals is the driving force behind the creative and innovative power of an institution. Our basic perspective to reveal such potential is to do what has not been done before and to do what we are already doing in a better way. We bring creativity, novelty, and innovation into the light from the minds where they are hidden, and create values. We see business and improvement as a whole thanks to our understanding of quality which is focused on business excellence, and we want to improve a continuous effort.

What We Support

We support the most effective possible range of discovery research in Medical, phamacy, biology and social science. We take risks on approaches, methodologies and themes to maximise the creation of knowledge.

Our Relationships Are Based on Trust

We work within the rules of law and ethics not only within the institution but also with all entities, institutions, and persons with whom we deal with; we strive to establish a long-term relationship that is based on mutual understanding, integrity, and respect and which protects goodwill.

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Social Studies in Turkey

Turkey as a country with many religions, traditions and ...

Side Effect of CAR T-Cell

Evaluation of cancer treatment efficacy using CAR T-Cell