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Nasim Research Institute

Nasim Institute is positioning our field to play a leading role in addressing the grand challenges of today and the future. In February 2014, Nasim Institute’s Council of Representatives adopted a new short to the long strategic plan that provides a roadmap to guide and prioritize the work of the organization for the next four to sixteen years. The implementation process has been based on the circle of study, research, and production. As the growth and recognition of project management have changed significantly over the past few years, and these changes are expected to continue and expand. Therefore, Nasim Institute uses feasibility studies for identifying potential obstacles that may impede its operations and recognize the amount of funding it will need to get the business up and running. As Nasim Institute’s hub for the study of advanced technologies in a global, cross-national context, this Institute takes as central to its mission the advancement of knowledge about pharmacy, Biology, Medical, and Social Science. A vibrant community of students, scholars, the Nasim Institute strives to enhance our understanding of the world's greatest challenges and offer comparative and innovative ideas and solutions. Our centers across four divisions -Modern Pharmacy Research Center (MPRC), Social Health Research Center (SHRC), Biotech Research Center (BRC), New Medical Technologies Research Center (NMTRC)- to move forward the Nasim Institute's mission of promoting a more just and peaceful world. Since 2017, International Congress on Biomedicine - offline (virtual), has held regularly to take a step towards reducing the gap between the biological sciences and medical sciences and the promotion of knowledge in the world without borders, to foster the Nasim Institute's realization of these values.

Quality Certifications

Nasim Institute has been structured with well-grounded approaches and designed by national and international accreditation and standardization requirements. Our Institute has obtained the following certification:

Iso: 9001 - 2015